Orange fox Plate Hand Painted


Beautiful hand painted porcelain Orange Fox plate.

This pre-loved vintage plate is given a second life featuring a unique hand painted design of my hand drawn illustration of the orange fox. This hand painted porcelain fox plate is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Beautiful vintage Orange Fox Plate.

This pre-loved vintage orange fox plate is given a second life featuring a unique hand painted design of a orange fox. The vintage pink flowers surrounding the fox make this plate even more unique! This hand painted porcelain fox plate is one of a kind and sure to bring a smile to your face.

Each plate is one of a kind and hand painted with my own unique LumisaDesign Art. I first draw the design by hand and next I hand paint this on the vintage porcelain plate.
I find these plates in small shops or they are given to my by people who don’t use them anymore, but don’t want to throw them away.
When I paint my illustrations on these old plates I give them a new life. This can be as a piece of art or as a functional and unique addition to your home.

I use non toxic porcelain paint to paint my illustrations on the plates.  I use my oven to harden the design. When the plate is oven baked, the design is dishwasher safe. But I recommend to clean the plates by hand.

The vintage orange Fox plate is white. It measures 19.5 cm/ appr. 8” in diameter. The hand painted cat design is painted on the plate using non toxic porcelain paint.  I use metallic paint for some parts of the cat. This adds a little whim to the painting on the plate.
Although I harden the vintage plate in the oven, it’s best not to use metal cutlery on the hand painted design, because they may damage the cat and moon design. Plates are also dishwasher safe but I would recommend light usage and hand washing to prolong the life of your plates.

These plates do also make great wall decor!

*The item is hand painted, and minor variations between the plate pictured and the one you will receive will occur.*

Lumisadesign is based in the Netherlands And we ship world wide.

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