Dog and cat Coloring Page

Welcome back to my blog! I am excited to share my Last blog with you with the Dog and Cat Coloring Page. 

This is the very last coloring page of my story of Lisa and Bobby! Today I will share with you the end of the story with the free dog and cat Coloring Page!

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Let’s get back to the story of Lisa and her dog Bobby and the Free Dog and Cat Coloring Page printable. 

When Bobby ran away, Lisa went after him. On her way to find him she met an owl and a fox, a mermaid and a squirrel. When she comes to a clearing in in the forest, she meets a Raccoon with a butterfly on his tail and a Unicorn. She climbs on his back and they meet a deer and a bear that shows where they must go to find Bobby. At an old farm she finally meets Bobby again and he brings her to an old well

Bobby whimpered softly and made it clear to Lisa that she should go to the well. She walked over and looked down over the edge. There was no water in the well, but it was still quite deep.

She could just see the bottom of the well and saw branches and leaves. Then she got up again. Lisa tured to Bobby and wondered what to do next. Suddenly she heard a sound coming from the well! What was that? She turned back to the well and looked down again. Something was moving on the bottom!

Now she heard the sound again, it sounded like meowing. There was a cat in the well. That was why Bobby wanted her to follow him! She had to save the cat!

Lisa looked around and saw that luckily there was a long rope she could use. She picked it up and saw that it belonged to the well because it had a bucket attached to it. She slowly lowered the bucket into the well until it reached the bottom.

dog and cat coloring page

Now she had to get the cat into the bucket. Luckily Bobby came to help and barked softly a few times, after which the cat came out from under the branches.

The cat sniffed at the bucket and looked up at them. Bobby barked softly again and the cat seemed to understand and climbed into the bucket. Now Lisa could gently pull him back up until the bucket was so close she could carefully lift the cat out of the bucket.

“Poor cat, come to me.” Said Lisa. She stroked the cat and luckily couldn’t find any injuries. Lisa sat down on the grass. She had walked a long way to find Bobby and was relieved that everything had ended well. Not only had she found Bobby, but she also rescued a cat!

After having rested for a while, Bobby, Lisa and their new friend the cat decide to go back home. Who knows, they may encounter new adventures on the way back?

Alright friends! This is the end of the story I made up you! I hope you like reading and coloring it, as much as I have had making it! Please tell me what you think of the coloring book story.

Don’t forget: Have fun coloring this 12th page! I would really love to see what you all made. Maybe in the future I will share new coloring pages with you. Would you like that? Please share below what you think of the end of the story!

Click this link to download the 12th Dog & Cat coloring page!

Thank you for reading and stay safe! Sanna.

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