The second of the Free Coloring pages to print!

Hello my friends! Today I have a new blog and the second of the free coloring pages to print for you!

I have spend the whole weekend creating a new page for the coloring book story I am sharing with you. I already have a few pages, but I never finished the story. Because I am at home for the next three or four weeks, I realised I can finally finish this short story with coloring pages. But today I will share with you the second free coloring page to print!

The page I am making right now, is not one of the free coloring pages to print for you today! That page will be shared later on in the story! If you follow me on you can see me working on this illustration. But I will not share with you what I am drawing, of course!

I would really love it, if you would follow my facebook page, so you stay up to date about the progress on my new illustrations. But of course, you will be the first to know when I share the next Free coloring page to print!

Ok. Time to go back to the story of Lisa and Bobby.

Lisa and Bobby walked down the path to the pond. To get there they have to climb a little hill and on top of it, Lisa stopped for a while to look around. She could see the small village where her parents house lies, the road she took to get to the woods and when she turns around she can see the forest lying before her.

free coloring page to print

Suddenly Bobby starts to bark and pulls at his leash. “Bobby!” She says to him. “Stop that!” But Bobby turns away from her, barks again and starts running down the hill. Because Lisa holds the leash firmly in her hand, he pulls her with him. Lisa tries to stop him, but when she finally stands still, it’s because the leash has broken. Bobby disappears between the trees. “Bobby!” Lisa calls after him. “Come back!” But the dog is already gone.

“Oh no!” Lisa sighs. “Where did he go?” She starts walking after him, hoping to find him somewhere sniffing at a rabbit hole, but she can’t find a trace of him.

Alright friends! This is the story I made up for the second free coloring page to print. I have to admit I can hardly wait to share the third one! Please tell me what you think of this coloring book story I am sharing with you.

Have fun coloring this second page! I would really love to see your version of it. I hope to share the next page in about 5 days! And share below what you think of the story of Lisa and Bobby!

Click this link to download the second free coloring page to print!

Thank you for reading and take care! Sanna

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