Owl Coloring Page 3 Free!

How are you today? I have written the 3rd blog story, with a free owl coloring page!

I have spend the whole week homescholing my kids and working on the next page for the coloring book story. Today I will share it with you along with the free owl coloring page!

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Let’s get back to the story of Lisa and her dog Bobby and the owl coloring page. 

Bobby has run away from Lisa. He pulled her with him and suddenly the leash snapped and he disappeared in the woods. Lisa ran after him, calling his name, but realised that he was gone.

Lisa stopped running, looked around and listened carefully, hoping she could hear him barking. But all she heard were singing birds. She decided the best thing to do, was to walk in the direction he disappeared and hoping she would find him, or hear him. She started walking again, calling him with a loud voice.

After a while Lisa realised she was walking to the old pond and she wondered if Bobby went there. ‘Maybe he wanted to swim’, she thought and she started to walk a little faster. Suddenly she heard the sound of a big bird flying right above her head. She looked up and saw a large owl landing on a branch in the tree before her. ‘An owl at daylight, that’s strange,’ she thought. Lisa paused and took a good look at him. It was a beautiful bird, and while observing the bird, Lisa felt as if the owl just looked at her, as she was looking at him.

She shook her head and decided to walk along, when the big bird suddenly squeeked.

Lisa looked up again and realized the owl was looking at her and she smiled at the bird and said: “You wouldn’t know where my dog is now, mister owl?” She sighed when she realized, she would never find Bobby alone in this big forest. She started walking again, when the owl suddenly made a noise again. “Yes mister Owl?” Lisa said the the bird. The owl cleared it’s throat and said: “Looking for your dog, are you?”

Lisa opened her mouth, but wasn’t able to speak, because she couldn’t believe the bird really spoke to her. Then she saw he was waiting for her to answer him and said: “Yes mister Owl. I am.” The Owl closed his big eyes, opened them again and answered: “I have seen him running, I did. He went to the old pond, but when he didn’t find what he was looking for, he went on. I don’t know how far. I do know he has an important task to do! But he also needs you help! You must find him and quickly!”

Lisa nodded to the bird and stammerd: “Yes, of course! Thank you, I will go after him. But how is it possible..” But the owl spread his huge wings and didn’t listen to her anymore and flew away. Lisa followed him with her eyes, decided she should walk on and took the path to the old pond.

Alright friends! This is the story I made up for the third free owl coloring page. I have to admit I can hardly wait to share the next one! Please tell me what you think of the coloring book story I am sharing with you.

Don’t forget: Have fun coloring this third page! I would really love to see your version of it. I hope to share the next page in about 5 days! And share below what you think of the next story of Lisa and Bobby! 

Click this link to download the third free owl coloring page !

Thank you for reading and take care! Sanna

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